Item Condition Ratings

how we rate the condition of our items

Each of our items' listing descriptions includes an Item Condition Rating based on one of the five conditions below. Our Item Condition Ratings are only a general guide; they are not legally binding and are only provided to help buyers make informed decisions since we do not except returns or exchanges. We want you to be happy with your purchase. You can also contact us to ask questions about an item before you buy. We will give you honest input.

New With Tags: Pristine and unworn with original retail store tags attached. May include original packaging, box or dust bag (the listing will specify).

Excellent: Shows no wear; flawless appearance. Any minor blemishes are invisible when worn. May be New Without Tags (the listing will specify).

Very Good: Shows very light wear. May have very small areas of damage, snags or stains that are hardly visible when worn and that are not noticeable at a glance.

Good: Shows light to moderate wear. May have some damage, snags or stains that are visible when worn and that may also be noticeable at a glance.

Fair: Shows moderate to heavy wear. Has light to moderate damage, snags, stains or defects that are visible when worn and are also noticeable at a glance.