Coronavirus: What Can you Give to Help?

As we navigate under the dark cloud of the coronavirus, I speak to it here in the hopes of inspiring the more fortunate to help those less so.

As a global family, we’re dealing with an unprecedented situation that will have negative physical, financial and/or emotional impacts on nearly everyone. I’m sending healing energy to all who have contracted the virus, are bravely caring for those who have it, or are mourning the loss of those who’ve passed.

As Colorado Governor Jared Polis made the gut-wrenching decision on March 16th to suspend operations at restaurants, bars, gyms, casinos, theaters and the like, my heart went out to all of the workers in these industries who suddenly found themselves unemployed. On top of this, many parents are struggling to juggle work and childcare until our school systems re-open. 

FABULUX shut its doors on March 18th because business had ground to a halt, and because we feel it's the responsible thing to do to protect people's health. But it was a hard decision, and one that I evaluate day-by-day.

Thousands of small businesses are in limbo with conflicting thoughts: should we stay open and serve as a welcome distraction in a shut-down world? Should we shut down to avoid increasing people’s exposure to the virus? How the hell will we survive if we do shut down? How the hell will we live with ourselves if we don’t and our businesses are responsible for spreading the virus?

I don't know if our shop will financially weather the storm. But regardless of the fate of FABULUX Consignment or me personally, I’m still more fortunate than many others. So FABULUX Consignment has made a donation to Meals on Wheels because we're inspired to help keep the elderly safe since they’re at a much higher risk of complications from the virus.

If you now have extra time on your hands and your wealth is more secure than most, consider donating or volunteering. Perhaps one of these worthy nonprofits will inspire you:

  • Feeding America has a COVID-19 fund to support its 200 food banks nationwide to ensure that those impacted by the virus has access to food.
  • The United Way has a COVID-19 fund to help keep families in their homes if they are currently in a financial crisis, stock foodbanks, and help feed children who rely on school meals.
  • Meals on Wheels delivers meals to seniors, which helps to keep seniors in their homes in order to limit their exposure to the virus.
  • COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund was created to collect donations to help finance critically needed testing, healthcare supplies and research.
  • International Medical Corps provides training, supplies and emergency medical response planning in high-risk areas with little access to healthcare.
  • Doctors Without Borders replenishes supplies and protective equipment to Wuhan Jinyintan hospital in China's Hubei province. They also provide information to vulnerable communities in Hong Kong about how to identify symptoms and protect themselves from the disease.
  • Direct Relief provides protective equipment to health authorities, non-profits, and businesses in the US and China.

When you feel you need help the most, it's also the best time to give.

Stay safe, my friends.

Heather Gallien, Owner
FABULUX Consignment

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